Shelter From The Streets Charitable Initiative

December 15th, 2019 @ 9:00am EST

About this event

Tax receipt available from Book Bank Foundation

NYC venue will be provided to confirmed attendees.

Shelter From the Streets bus tour is our volunteer day trip program that takes place during the holiday season that visits 5 boroughs of New York City & New Jersey and mentors homeless families while providing collected donation items such as coats, toys, food, blankets and more. Shelter From the Streets and The Book Bank Foundation comes together for the 22nd year to give to the underserved. Join us with a gift & heart full of love while we bring joy to our spiritual brothers and sisters with no addresses.

About Book Bank Foundation

The original mission of The Book Bank Foundation was to promote and advocate literacy by providing books and other literature to underprivileged children and adult members of our community. Over time that mission has expanded to include challenges such as providing underprivileged children and their families with resources for combating abuse, hunger and homelessness. We accomplish these goals by using motivational speaking, providing models of positive behavior and resourceful thinking, encouraging scholastic achievement as well as utilizing various programs and events to stimulate self-esteem, academic achievement, future goal setting, and stories of achievement in every community that we address.

About Book Bank Foundation Founder, Dr. Glenn Toby

Industry: Business Development, Consulting and Marketing Agency

Visionary Member: Dr. Glenn Toby, Founder & Chairman Emeritus of The Book Bank Foundation ( and Glenn Toby Enterprises ( a privately-held company, and a Not For Profit (501c3) with offices based in New York City and Atlanta. This makes investments opportunities that arise as a result of the convergence of finance, technology, content, and brands.



  • Partners including Business Leaders, Athletes, Entertainers, Family Offices, and High Net-Worth Individuals.
  • Use of technology, content, and brands with overlapping synergies that create a network effect which can accelerate scaling and profitability. Combined with a network of relationships with capital providers interested in direct investing along makes Glenn Toby Enterprises the model of the future.
  • Approach is to catalyze the organization, group or individual clients, to redefine the platforms they are currently using. The mission and values of the organization are honed and brought to the forefront.
  • 20 year instrumental in development of infrastructure in various industries, and built ecosystems that has resulted in successful companies, projects and ventures.
  • Character and conviction have earned the trust of over 50 NFL players such as Asante Samuel, Josh Evans, Damien Robinson and Chester Taylor. Via his company, Infinite Sports Technology, Glenn and his partner Alonzo Shavers provide a full scale of client services which include contract negotiations, publicity, marketing and legal assistance. And while negotiating these peripheral contracts for his well-established athletes, Glenn still finds time to shape the musical careers of artists such as, Saigon, Tru Life, Q Da Kid.
  • As a former member of the LL Cool J management team, the multifaceted businessman is able to provide the proper guidance and support for an aspiring emcee already earning the respect of everyone from 50 Cent to Doug E Fresh.
  • Provides multi-day bootcamps designed to get the organization to shift, and remain up-to-speed with grasping the rapid changes in socioeconomic trends, technology.

Currently Seeking: Strategic Partnerships in Marketing, Sales and Advertising. Donors for Book Bank Foundation; Business owners and firms in need of best-in-class advisory

New York, NY
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December 15th, 2019 @ 9:00am EST
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