Visionary & 17 Asset Management Summer of Impact Kick-Off Virtual Event

June 22nd, 2022 @ 2:00pm EST

About this event

Visionary is prioritizing ‘impact’ related arranged meetings, Featured Presentations, and new invitations to the Access Network during a Summary of Impact campaign. 


Visionary Members and new invites can take action by their objectives using our Access Survey and discussing with the VIsionary team, participating in matched arranged meetings, transacting/partnering with other Members, and referring others into the campaign. Access Credits are earned for these actions and can be redeemed for access or transferred to other Members. Indicate how you would be interested to Access, Grow, and Own the Access Network and Visionary be in touch to discuss.


To provide context to the Summer of Impact campaign and insights on how the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals are being implemented across industries in the for-profit and nonprofit sector, a Kick-Off Virtual Event on June 22nd at 2 p.m. ET will feature 17 Asset Management (highlights below). 17 Asset Management is advising organizations and investors, managing assets, and is currently meeting with capital partners regarding their timely growth plan and investment opportunity with strategic benefits of their services included.

Summer of Impact Virtual Events and in-person events can be found at:



Industry: Advisory & Asset Management


Visionary Member: John Morris, Founding Partner and CEO of 17 Asset Management: building bridges between financial assets and impact opportunities via advisory and asset management services


  • 17 Asset Management (‘17AM’) has been formed to fill the need for more investable products that provide market rate returns while also providing measurable progress towards the SDGs.

  • Investors have increasingly demanded more accountability and alignment with responsible investing principles. In 2015, 160 nations agreed on a framework of 17 global goals and launched the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, otherwise known as the SDGs.

  • 17AM is an impact asset management and advisory firm that builds and advises asset management products designed to serve these growing needs of investors looking to embed purpose and impact into their portfolios.

  • 17AM does this by utilizing its stakeholder methodology, applied research, and institutional product design process, leading to true bottom-up investments that can scale to new consumers.

  • In addition to ESG standards and best practices, 17AM utilizes the SDGs to provide accountability and deliver investment alpha to investors.

  • The 17AM Team is made up of professionals that come from the world's best universities, best institutions, best non profits as well as individuals rendered exceptional merely through unique lived experience.

  • 17AM believes they can achieve an enterprise value of $30 million plus in 3 years. Their robust 2022 product pipeline of place-based SDG linked alternatives leads to profitability by June 2023.

Currently Seeking: $3 million in a Series A round, and is offering as a 3-year Class A Convertible Note at a $10 million pre-money valuation with 6% interest

June 22nd, 2022 @ 2:00pm EST
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