Visionary Virtual Gathering w. Featured Tiger Members

November 4th, 2020 @ 4:00pm EST

Visionary Virtual Gathering w. Featured Tiger Members
About this event

Visionary is selectively extending additional invitations into our burgeoning arranged meeting network, followed by private meetings. Please RSVP and take the Access Survey, and our team will provide a recorded welcoming presentation, including presentations via select Featured Tiger Members


Industry: Management Consulting, Corporate Strategy

Visionary Member: Shriya Bhatt : innovative, mission-driven student at Princeton University looking to bring her passion for strategy and problem-solving to the consulting industry.

Currently Seeking: Networking opportunities with consultants at MBB consulting firms, or with people who have successfully acquired non-technical roles (business strategy, for example) at any of the large tech companies.


  • Founded a pro-bono consulting organization that has grown to >60 students to provide insight and resources to >10 restaurants and other businesses in the Princeton community to assist them in dealing with COVID-19 pandemic and retain their businesses.
    • Founded an adjacent organization to partner with which allowed for back-office administration to be handled, and allowed the organization to focus on expanding on its business model to accommodate the growing demand that had emerged.
  • Worked as an investor relations and business strategy intern for Visionary, managed operational side of client and investor connections, used marketing strategies to increase investor network.
  • Created a platform that allows accredited investors to pool their funds in order to invest in residential real estate, which also allowed for property management on their behalf.
    • Modeled predictions for the appreciation of a property over its investment lifespan, allowing properties to be vetted before placing them on our platform and making them available to consumers.
  • Worked as a marketing strategy intern in order to curated streamlined content for an annual website redesign which increased revenue by ~10% from the previous year
    • Determined the demographics of the interactions on the website by using various analytical tools in order to target and tailor content to reflect and comply with engagement data


Industry: Technology, Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, International Business, E-Commerce, Software Development, Board Seats, Advisory Board, Management Consulting

Visionary Member: Sev Onyshkevych, Founder/Co-Founderof 12 technology firms and on board/advisory board of 11 firms: Focus has been on growth, technology strategy, go-to-market strategy, financial strategy and operating strategy.

Currently Seeking: business start-ups, consulting opportunities, board/advisory board roles, interim CMO/COO/CFO/CTO positions


  • Princeton Computer Science; Wharton MBA
  • 12 startups, 6 exits
  • Go-to-market strategy for rapid growth ($0->$100million+), international expansion, channel partnerships, business development, interim CMO
  • Technology strategy, software development process, interim CTO
  • Financial strategy, angel rounds, institutional funding, VC pitches, interim CFO
  • Operating strategy, focus on rapid scale-out, interim COO
  • International growth; have established offices, partnerships, JVs, distribution in over 100 countries
  • Strategic consulting, growth audits
  • Board or advisory board positions


Industry: Marketing & Growth, Curated Services

Visionary Member: Janice Dru-Bennett, Founder and Head of Marketing of Inkwhy, Inc. ( Nonprofit Board Director & Rhode Island Ambassador of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization: Curating recommended services, including sales and marketing partnerships, fundraising and grants, growth plans and dashboard tracking key metrics.

Currently Seeking: Startups, non-profit organizations, and small businesses that want to understand their growth metrics; professionals and corporate leaders who want to improve their branding; partnerships to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs); board positions.


  • Receive recommended resources to address your gaps after we mutually identify your company or organization’s needs and priorities.
  • No-cost consulting: service providers and solutions pay Inkwhy when there’s a fit with clients
  • Example results: more than doubled monthly revenues through sales and business development, closing at 30% conversion rates.
  • Lead events from small-group discussion forums to 1,000+ attendee conferences, including both in-person and virtual summits.
  • Held senior-level marketing positions for a global network of innovation centers, higher education institutions, legal services/B2B software, financial services -- managing budgets from $30K-$6MM+ to build foundational operations and drive growth.
  • Built network of 21,000+ contacts on LinkedIn, connecting groups of thought leaders.
  • Princeton alum, thesis on “Committees, Choices, and Commitments: Gender and Race in Political Behavior, Preferences, and Motivations to Participate” with advisor Professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell (now Melissa Harris-Perry) and Visual Arts certificate, winning the top award for a 94” x 72” painting in the “Ebbing Borders, Flowing Lives” competition sponsored by the Program in Visual Arts and the Policy Research Institute for the Region.


Zoom link will be provide after registration.
November 4th, 2020 @ 4:00pm EST
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