BCP Blitz Hosted San Francisco VIP Dinner Roundtable: 'Smart Society' Investing

February 8th, 2022 @ 8:30pm PST

About this event

Visionary is gathering our current Members and selectively extending invitations into our arranged meeting network in San Francisco and in the region, for a private event featuring BCP Blitz (see highlights below).

Featured Member:

  • Brynne Kennedy, Founding Partner of BCP Blitz. BCP Blitz is a “Smart Society Fund” that combines venture capital and impact investing to generate outsized returns and improve pressing societal problems.


  • BCP Blitz is a $250M fund with strategy that combines technology venture capital and impact investing, targeting a 7-10x fund return over a max 10 year period, and a measurable impact on pressing societal challenges to advance a “Smart Society”.    

  • BCP’s investments focus on three sectors - food / agtech, climate / sustainability and security / wellness - across the US and Europe.

  • BCP invests when companies have achieved demonstrable “product-market fit” and are poised for rapid scaling or “blitzscaling”.  

  • BCP’s’ Founding Partners  bring a deep track record as entrepreneurs and investors to help companies successfully scale.  Together, they have helped build more than 50 companies and managed $10B+ in AUM. BCP’s  unique strength lies in the Funding Partners’  track record as serial entrepreneurs and investors, diversity, and shared tenacity to ”make money and do good”.

  • BCP has already sourced and won five deals, which seed the fund.  All of these deals have triple or quadruple digit growth rates and unicorn trajectories, while making a measurable impact on a pressing societal problem.  BCP is investing in all of them at a $75M pre-money valuation or below, with potential for a 10X+ return on each. 

  • BCP has funded a portion of these deals with their GP commitment.  The remainder will be funded through investments into the fund going forward.  Capital invested will be directly put to work.  Certain of these deals also have live co-investment opportunities for incoming LPs.

  • BCP also has a pipeline of $200M+ in further deals under review.

  • BCP Blitz portfolio strategy models 90% of their capital deployed with a distribution of returns across 20 companies with a 7x+ overall fund return. 

  • BCP is currently raising funds for a first fund close. Investors who commit and fund early into the GP will be rewarded with preferential carry terms.  

Currently Seeking: Fund LP Investors

Bay Area
February 8th, 2022 @ 8:30pm PST
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