Dunhill Ventures Hosted Miami Lunch ~ Featuring Cypress Capital Group

September 23rd, 2022 @ 12:00pm EDT

About this event

Visionary invites you to Dunhill Ventures Hosted Miami Lunch featuring Cypress Capital Group to gain industry insights. Investors may RSVP to request event access, and take the Access Survey to discuss your objectives. Our team will be in touch to coordinate local~global access to other investors, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Featured Member:


  • Cypress Capital Group ("CCG") is an investment manager and a family office that invests substantial equity in each of our real estate funds. 

  • CCG’s investment focus is residential real estate in tech-centered cities like Silicon Valley and New York.

  • CCG combines global macro investment analyses with superior local execution capabilities.

  • Many of CCG’s senior partners had full careers prior to joining CCG, working at top bulge bracket firms and pension funds. Combined, their partners and advisors bring over 120 years of experience managing over $120 billion in assets.

  • CCG is a team who have excelled throughout their careers and they are united and defined by their values: integrity, trust, excellence, attitude of service, entrepreneurial spirit and, perhaps most importantly, teamwork.

  • Cypress Capital Group Returns:

    • CCG's family office has invested over multiple economic cycles since 1970's, expanding during economic downturns.

    • CCG and its Affiliates’ global real estate RUV of $94M.

    • CCG’s USA real estate funds’ (CCP2014, CCP2017, CCP2019) RUV of $33M.

    • CCP2022, similar to CCP2019, expands to other Tech-Centered Cities as appropriate. Their funds have achieved excellent risk-adjusted returns vs their peers.

    • CCG has a track record of 20-30% IRR previous funds. 

Currently Seeking: $100m for Cypress Capital Partners 2022, LP (“CCP2022”) to invest in single and multifamily residential properties in Tech-Centered Cities, USA (Silicon Valley, New York, Austin, etc.)

September 23rd, 2022 @ 12:00pm EDT
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