Think+ Ventures Network Update

April 8th, 2021 @ 2:00pm

About this event

Think+ Ventures is hosting its network update event to overview the identified two major megatrends and four specific investment sectors that it expects to flourish in the next several years, as the economy calibrates to the post-covid trends with live Q&A. The investment sectors are as follows:

  • E-commerce Ecosystem: Customer Communications; Logistics and Delivery

  • Digital Health and Fitness: Digital Therapeutics, Remote Monitoring, Drug Discovery, Diagnostics, FemTech, and remote Fitness

  • Enterprise Cloud: Data Platforms, Informatics, Collaborative tools

  • Ed-Tech: Re-training, Learning Management Systems (LMS) 2.0

Please RSVP to request live or recorded access to our virtual event, and take the Access Survey - the Visionary team will then be in touch. 

Insights & Offerings From:

  • Safa Rashtchy (Linkedin), Founder and General Partner of Think+ Ventures: A thesis-driven Seed and Series A venture firm based in Silicon Valley, California.

Think+ Ventures ~ Visionary Member Meeting Opportunity

Visionary Member: Safa Rashtchy, Founder and General Partner of Think + Ventures ( a thesis-driven Seed and Series A venture firm based in Silicon Valley, California.



  • 20+ years of investing experience with 50+ seed investments in companies like Uber, AngelList, and OpenGov.
  • Prior to Think+, Safa was a top-rated Analyst on Wall Street and worked with executives at companies such as Google, Netflix, and Alibaba.
  • A group of Venture Partners across the consumer, technology, digital health, and enterprise sector.
  • Investment advisory group that has invested in companies like Palantir, Wish, and Guardant Health.

Fund I Performance

  • Fund I has achieved 86% IRR (net fees) with 16.18% DPI and 2.56X TVPI in less than three years.
  • Invested in 28 companies with the total value of portfolio companies exceeding $3.8 billion and $600 million follow on money raised.
  • One of Think+'s seed investments, ApplyBoard, has already achieved a $1.3 billion valuation.

Fund II Goal and Strategy

  • Raise $30 million for Fund II and invest in ~21 Seed and Series A companies that are solving major pain points in the market or producing new efficiencies and are capital efficient with attractive unit economics.
  • Thesis/research-based and market-driven approach that is differentiated and that minimizes risk exposures.
  • Double down on proprietary deal flow from industry contacts and top tier university campuses such as Stanford and UC Berkeley.
  • Leverage fellows in University campuses and scale Summer Programs and Think+ Labs where we invest in highly talented team members and create an entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Focus on specific pain points that we’ve identified through our in-depth research for the post-COVID world.
  • Publish research pieces and establish thought leadership.

Currently Seeking: LP investors for Fund II.

April 8th, 2021 @ 2:00pm
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