Visionary Abraham Accords Roundtable ~ Featuring Benson Oak Ventures

December 3rd, 2021 @ 2:30pm EST

About this event

Visionary is gathering current Members and selecting new invitees for a roundtable discussion regarding various perspectives and initiatives relevant to the Abraham Accords. The discussion will Feature Members that are bringing together business relationships across sectors, regions, ethnicities and faiths to collaborate on wealth creation, impact, and sustainability economic development, in the face of pressing social and environmental issues locally~globally.

The discussion will be private and confidential. Visionary will facilitate arranged meetings prior to, during, and post gathering, and offer Access Credits to participants that are interested to have their insights and offerings shared with other attendees and the broader Access Network.

The space is limited and available for invited Members redeeming Access Credits. Light refreshments will be served. Venue and further agenda details available upon request. 

Roundtable Discussion Sponsoring Host:

  • Robert Cohen, Managing Partner of Benson Oak Ventures: investing into businesses enabling ‘long tail’ of SMEs and consumers to sell their products and services to others, coined as ‘Passionware’

Benson Oak Ventures is a leading venture capital fund with 20+ years experience and strong track record (13X returned over 5 funds), based in Israel and now expanding to the UAE with offices in Abu Dhabi. The fund is investing in entrepreneurs across these regions, and internationally, with focus on Web3 and a specific thesis around what it has dubbed ‘Passionware’: tools enabling everyone to be a business. 

Benson Oak Ventures is bringing together Limited Partner investors that are interested in the financial returns presented by this timely investment strategy, and to be part of an investment platform forming collaboration across business interests, nationalities, and faiths. As a shining example of the Abraham Accord, part of the fund’s mission is to form economic ties across the Middle East towards prosperity and peace. 


December 3rd, 2021 @ 2:30pm EST
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