Visionary Canada~Global Access Reception With Featured Members

November 25th, 2020 @ 2:00pm EST

About this event

Visionary is selectively extending new invitations into our burgeoning arranged meeting network and convening current Members for a Virtual Gathering with Featured Members, and private arranged meetings. Please RSVP and take the Access Survey - our team will then coordinate a welcoming presentation for new invitees, and notifications of relevant meeting opportunities with our featured members and others.


Featured Solutions Providers:

Industry: eCommerce, Bricks and Mortar Retail Sales Channels, Retail Sales Strategy and Expansion into Canada

Visionary Member: Jacob Kessler, President of The A-Listers and JK Trading Company Inc.: Helping partners to augment their merchandising footprint in e-commerce and bricks and mortar channels, and leading to higher sales.

Currently Seeking: Both companies offering B2C or B2B products; Manufacturers, brand owners, distributors, even retailers, offering B2C or B2B products.


  • Our team builds and manages storefronts on the largest e-marketplaces on the planet, such as Amazon and Walmart, Best Buy, Loblaws, Giant Tiger, and Ebay, not just across North America, but in the Middle East, Europe, and India.
  • We currently manage over 85,000+ SKUs.
  • Categories including consumables, food, cosmetics and hair products, toys, confectionary, accessories, cleaning and household, and nutritional supplements.
  • Some of the products that we manage include Mark Wahlberg, Dream Water, Clorox, Tickle Toes, Brita, Vega, Tylenol, and Disney.
  • We can speedily innovate new SKU expansion across our partners' Amazon and other e-channel businesses.
  • We also handle all advertising campaigns within these ecommerce platforms.
  • Compensation in this offering is a mixture of low fees and commission on sales.
  • We offer alternative bricks and mortar retail and merchandising channels with many vendors across Canada, in retail channels such as Canadian Tire, Giant Tiger, Healthy Planet, Penguin Pick-Up, and more.
  • And we work with some brands to enter into the Canadian marketplace, including some of Mark Wahlberg's brands and Renova (one of the top paper manufacturers in Europe).


Industry: Enterprise Payment Solutions, Merchant Services, Payment Processing, Point of Sale (POS), Integrations, ISV Channels.

Visionary Member: David Shannon, Director of Partnerships of Merchant Broker ( Our Mission is to achieve more for our customers through payments while delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Currently Seeking: Partnerships with ISVs, VARs, FI, Mid-market companies & Large-corporate enterprises who accept credit cards as payment.


  • Merchant Broker is the only true broker in the merchant services industry. We maintain our philosophy of top-tier service with low-tier pricing.
  • We will be your “Head of Payments”-consult and present the best options available.
  • Provide payment solutions tailored to mid-market / large corporations that deliver substantial savings and grow working capital.
  • We call on the major processors to bid on your business based on price, service, and compatibility, ensuring an easy transition and seamless roll out.
  • We provide you with a dedicated portfolio manager as a main point of contact to ensure we best serve your business needs.
  • Scalable payment solutions with the latest in POS technology.
  • We are payment integrations experts. Full stack gateway.
  • Partnering with Merchant Broker mean you get a full team of experts in your corner to help navigate the complexity of the payment landscape while creating a new revenue stream.


Industry: Securities Industry – Investment Management – Exempt Market Dealer, Portfolio Manager and Investment Fund Manager

Visionary Member: Jeffrey Shaul, President of Robson Capital ( Registered Exempt Market Dealer, Portfolio Manager and Investment Fund Manager.

Currently Seeking:

  • Canadian specialty investment funds (private equity, private REITs, private debt, venture capital, mortgage funds) needing access to FundSERV for IIROC dealers and wealth management firms; and
  • US hedge funds needing an EMD on subscriptions from Canadian institutional investors.


  • Operates the RBS/Connect, FundSERV platform (‘RBS' code) to enable Canadian specialty investment funds to access the IIROC broker channel.
  • Currently 15 fund groups representing 23 funds transact using Robson’s ‘RBS’ code.
  • Exclusive exempt market dealer in Canada for 40+ US and other large foreign alternative asset managers.
  • Acts as dealer on trades with Canadian institutional investors.
  • Carries out KYC and AML requirements at fixed dollar fees regardless of the size of subscription.


Featured Capital Seekers:

Industry: Transportation, Technology

Visionary Member: Rosario Fortugno, Founder and CEO of InOrbis ( A transportation network company that offers inter-city and inner-city travel using owner-operated Tesla vehicles.

Currently Seeking: $5.2 Million in Equity capital to complete the logistics and EV management platform and scale to 100 city pairs by 2022.


  • InOrbis focuses on providing safe and luxurious travel to working professionals who want to maximize their productivity. Bottom line: The service provides eco-friendly and precise booking flexibility for travel that is less expensive than flying and more convenient than driving.
  • InOrbis connects drivers, owners and riders by providing the logistics management, training, booking and payment platform. The company offers flexible scheduling to drivers and delivers unmatched convenience to riders with onboard Wi-Fi.
  • The team has expertise in electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, energy, finance and software development.
  • Differentiator: InOrbis has built, maintained and refined its technological and logistical infrastructure over the past five years. This infrastructure serves as its competitive advantage, and has enabled the company to compete with industry giants such as Westjet and Uber on both convenience and cost.
  • The company is currently developing proprietary onboarding technology that will solidify scalability and expand its reach to wealthy customers.
  • The market size is $800M in Alberta, $7.3Bn in North America.
  • InOrbis has provided 1500 inter-city trips, saved 136K kg of CO2, and recaptured countless billable hours for riders.


Industry: Medtech, Medical Aesthetics, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery

Visionary Member: Anthony Aho, CEO & Co-Founder of PB&B Ltd. ( Facial & Body Remodeling Medical Technology.

Currently Seeking: $3.5 Series B1 funding for clinical pilot trial.


  • PB&B’s novel injectable technology allows plastic surgeons and dermatologists to enhance fat tissue volume with lipids to naturally remodel facial and body areas.
  • Patent granted to date in 9 countries (USA, Japan, Korea,…) with all claims and applications. Full FTO (Freedom-to-Operate).
  • Developed by an international team of plastic surgeons and bioengineers, clinical testing will begin in Q4-2020 towards an FDA approval + CE mark expected by the end of 2022-23.
  • PB&B has won numerous innovation and startup awards, including the IMCAS Innovation of the Year award 2018 (largest global medical aesthetics congress – Paris, France).
  • 3 Innovation government grants approved based on innovation & market potential.
  • PB&B is raising a $5 MM Series B1 (30% already funded) and $18M in total Series B funding for FDA approval. Funding to date: $5.4 million.


Zoom link will be provided after registration.
November 25th, 2020 @ 2:00pm EST
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