Visionary Co-Hosted Private Condo NYC Investor Gathering

July 15th, 2021 @ 5:30pm EST

About this event

We live in an access economy - an abundance of resources exists, but barriers exist, made further evident amid the global pandemic. However, new technologies and organizational structures are opening up dramatic new flows of human capital, relationship capital, and financial capital. By unlocking the flow of access, there is the potential for mass wealth creation, and accelerated solutions to pressing social/environmental issues. Join a roundtable discussion amongst those opening up this flow. RSVP to request access to the event, and take the Access Survey to discuss your objectives. 

Featured Presenters:

  • Mark Cachia, Founder & Portfolio Manager of Scytale Ventures: Top performing blockchain industry fund, offering ultra-exclusive opportunity to invest alongside industry leaders.

  • Alex Salzman, Founding Member of Visionary: Visionary is an exclusive network arranging trusted meetings amongst leading entrepreneurs, investors, and executives.

  • Gregory Magarshak, Founder and CEO of Qbix: We launched a Social Operating System to help people and organizations launch their own communities and control their own data, identity and brand. It is open and decentralized and moves the Web from feudalism to a free market.

  • Ken Brenner, Project Manager of XO World Trade Center ‘SPREAD THE LOVE’: Ignites a global movement embracing equality, unity, peace and love bringing people together for future generations.

  • Daniel Sloan, Co-Founder and Blockchain/AI Practice Manager of Future Tech: Build through Emerging Technologies, Create through Future Technologies, Maintain through Legacy Technologies. 

Co-Hosted By:

  • Jennifer Fearon, Managing Partner of VentureLink Advisers: A family office network and advisory. 

Venue Host:

July 15th, 2021 @ 5:30pm EST
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