Visionary Co-Hosted Reception w. Featured Blockchain Members

October 28th, 2020 @ 11:00am EST

About this event

Visionary is selectively extending additional invitations into our burgeoning arranged meeting network, followed by private meetings. Please RSVP and take the Access Survey, and our team will provide a recorded welcoming presentation of our featured members.


Industry: Blockchain, VC Fund

Visionary Member: Mark Cachia, Founder and Portfolio Manager of Falcon Digital (previously known as Scytale Ventures): top performing blockchain industry fund, offering ultra-exclusive opportunity to invest alongside industry leaders.

Currently Seeking: LP fund investors


  • The Fund shares the vision of ‘Web 3’, a decentralised, verifiable, and more secure internet enabled by blockchain technology.
  • Invests in early stage companies that develop or utilize blockchain as part of their technological solution or support the adoption of this maturing technology in another way.
  • Blockchain market is a maturing high growth market (CAGR 80.2% 2018 - 2023) with growing M&A activity.
  • The team comprises a strong and unique combination of experience and expertise in technology, business, and asset management, all of which are fundamentally required to be successful in this emerging, highly interdisciplinary field.
  • Previously focused on investments on the basic infrastructure level, such as Polkadot, Energy Web, and Ocean Protocol. However, now is the time to invest in applications to capture early movers and deliver high gains.
  • Target sectors include energy, healthcare, hardware /IoT, digital identity, legaltech, asset management, supporting infrastructure.
  • Does not invest in gaming & gambling, money alternatives or payments.
  • Has the ability to access investments in private rounds before they are publicly accessible.
  • Manage a portfolio with selective diversification in only the highest quality and most commercially viable businesses (investments of EUR 500k to 1m per company; seed stage to series A; worldwide).
  • Positive track record of influencing and supporting portfolio companies with experience, expertise and networks.
  • Provides full portfolio transparency and industry information for our investors.
  • Advised by leading pioneers and influential individuals in the blockchain sector, including Gavin Wood, Ed Hesse, and Aeron Buchanan.




Industry: Full Stack Technology Development specializing in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Visionary Member: Jason Desimone, Head of Blockchain of Ubik Group ( Headquartered in NYC with a globally distributed team, Ubik Group is a boutique software development firm that builds tech projects with a purpose. Specializing in exponential technology, most notably blockchain and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Ubik's areas of expertise include tokenization, digital identity, digital wallets and custody solutions, data sovereignty, privacy, security, decentralized exchanges, cross-border and micropayments, supply chain logistics, and distributed networks. With a central focus on social impact, we work with organizations of all sizes (from startups to Fortune 500s) to build innovative and cutting-edge solutions that make a difference.

Currently Seeking: Technology projects in need of high-quality development at competitive pricing. We offer full-stack solutions as well as advisory and consulting services.


  • Ubik has worked with the following organizations to build innovative and cutting-edge solutions that make a difference:
    • The United Nations, Amazon, American Express, IBM, Microsoft, the Ethereum Foundation, Coinbase, the Green Bank Network, and more.
  • Ubik Group was named "Top Software Developers" for 2019 and 2020 by Clutch.
  • Engaged with Amazon to build a dynamic weather-based advertising product for their Whole Foods and Fresh brands.
  • Piloting digital identity and data sovereignty solutions for IBM.
  • Currently building for Coinbase and other leading cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Developing cutting-edge Zero Knowledge Proof technology for Ligero on top of the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Have launched various token offerings, including multiple U.S.-based Security Token Offerings (STOs).


Zoom link will be provided after registration.
October 28th, 2020 @ 11:00am EST
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