Visionary Member Co-Hosted Singapore Gathering during Asia Crypto Week

September 29th, 2022 @ 5:00pm SGT

About this event

Visionary is supporting current Members with arranged meetings, and extending select invitations surrounding Asia Crypto Week. The co-hosted event is a casual gathering starting at 5 p.m., and serves to overview the Visionary Access Network, spotlight a selection of Members, and ‘pay-it-forward’ using Access Credits to support your objectives with arranged meetings. 

RSVP to request access to the event, and take the Access Survey to discuss your objectives. Our team will be in touch to coordinate local~global access to other investors, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Co-Hosted by:

  • James Scott, Founding Partner of Faculty Group, VC, and Fund Manager with a core focus on Web3: Faculty Group is a collective of synergistic firms that provide a range of bespoke solutions to Web3 companies. Comprising 150+ staff and 5 core companies spanning Venture Capital, Incubation, Trading & Market Making, Marketing, Development, Entertainment, and Advisory Services; Faculty Group have proven a track record of consistent value creation.


  • Faculty Group presents Faculty Fund: PRIMA (FFP), an investment fund offering investors diversified exposure to blockchain & Web3.

  • ‘FFP’ is a uniquely structured Web3 focused fund that builds on Faculty Group’s established foundation of success in Web3.

  • FFP offers a unique ‘three port’ focus, providing risk-adjusted ‘inflation hedging’ via DeFi and Quant trading portfolios with high growth upside via a VC portfolio:

    • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) a fully diversified DeFi portfolio with automated rebalancing and compounding. Risk-adjusted yield, utilizing a best-in-class DeFi platform originated by Faculty Group.

    • Quantitative Trading: Faculty Group’s proprietary algorithmic quant trading platform. Back-tested with 4+ years of proven results, ensuring minimal drawdown in volatile market conditions.

    • Venture Capital: Seed & early stage investment opportunities in high quality Web3 projects. Access to top-tier VC deal flow via Faculty Capital, supported with Faculty Group resources to ensure optimal ROI.

  • Faculty Capital has a history of exceptional returns on early stage investments. FFP’s VC portfolio will have access to the same deal flow as Faculty Capital, leveraging a vast network and deep expertise to take equity and token positions in high quality Web3 startups.

Currently Seeking: LP Investors

September 29th, 2022 @ 5:00pm SGT
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