Visionary Blockchain Intel & Access Gathering

April 15th, 2022 @ 2:00pm EST

About this event

Visionary is arranging a blockchain intel and access gathering amongst established corporations, leading dapps, private investors, portfolio managers, and fund LP investors interested to access, grow, and own the Visionary Network using Access Credits. 

RSVP to request live or recorded access to the virtual event, and take the Access Survey to share your Q2 objectives - the Visionary team will be in touch to coordinate.

Featured Presenters:

  • Cyrus Fazel, Founder & CEO of SwissBorg: Leading cryptocurrency wealth app and utility token.

  • Mark Cachia, Founder and Portfolio Manager of Scytale Ventures: Top performing blockchain industry fund, offering ultra-exclusive opportunity to invest alongside industry leaders.


  • Jason Desimone, Head of Blockchain of Ubik Group: Headquartered in NYC with a globally distributed team, Ubik Group is a boutique software development firm that builds tech projects with a purpose. Specializing in exponential technology, most notably blockchain and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Ubik's areas of expertise include tokenization, digital identity, digital wallets and custody solutions, data sovereignty, privacy, security, decentralized exchanges, cross-border and micropayments, supply chain logistics, and distributed networks. With a central focus on social impact, we work with organizations of all sizes (from startups to Fortune 500s) to build innovative and cutting-edge solutions that make a difference.

  • Bryan Feinberg, Founder / CEO of  Plato and Etheralabs: ( /, Headquartered in NYC, Plato is a data intelligence platform that unlocks the power of Vertical Search in a highly scalable and profitable way. The platform is designed to provide an ultra safe and secure environment to consume sector specific real-time data intelligence through an intuitive and content-rich user experience. Plato is built around advanced intelligence automation that curates the latest sector data with actionable insights into the technology, companies and culture driving today's most active technology sectors.  Our mission is to build a world class data company that supports a highly profitable and scalable balance sheet with ability to connect with millions of users.

April 15th, 2022 @ 2:00pm EST
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