Visionary Reception With Demand Generation Featured Members Event

January 6th, 2021 @ 2:00pm EST

About this event

Visionary is selectively extending new invitations into our burgeoning arranged meeting network and convening current Members for a Virtual Gathering with Featured Members, and private arranged meetings. Please RSVP and take the Access Survey - our team will then coordinate a welcoming presentation for new invitees, and notifications of relevant meeting opportunities with our featured members and others.


Industry: Sales Consulting, Management Consulting, LinkedIn Sales Strategy

Visionary Member: Jake Dunlap, CEO of Skaled ( Skaled is a B2B sales consultancy focused on helping organizations and the people that work there reach their full potential.

Currently Seeking: Startup organizations (Series B) and mid-market companies in high-growth mode looking for strategic leadership. Enterprise companies who are behind and in need of updating their old processes and strategies to be brought into the digital age for the modern buyer.


  • Outbound/Inbound Analysis, Planning & Optimization: We help organizations’ strengthen their Go-To-Market strategies and identify areas of opportunity to better align their people, processes, and technology stack.
  • Buyer Experience and Sales Process Optimization: We gather and provide insights into your buyer’s preferred journey and build internal alignment across processes with a focus on creating a better buyer experience and a smooth path to purchase
  • Organizational Alignment: We help organizations build or realign their people infrastructure to achieve growth goals
  • Interim Leadership & Sales Support: Our staff of senior consultants join your team as Interim VP/Director of Sales and we provide hiring support for these roles + Sales Development, Account Management and Sales Operations.
  • Sales Content Strategy and Creation: We help develop the assets your Sales team will need to effectively execute all facets of your GTM strategy.
  • Sales Operations Excellence: We ensure you stay ahead of the technology curve to maintain the right stack for your business and ensure a more efficient sale, higher performing team, and satisfied buyer
  • Digital Presence: LinkedIn is a big part of building a modern outbound and inbound strategy. We help organizations compete in a digital-first world by deploying an intentional and connected content strategy to connect you to a network of potential business.
  • Digital Presence services include Strategic Planning and Optimization, Content Development, Content Delivery and Activation, and Audience Development and Engagement.


Industry: Sales Tech

Visionary Member: Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell, Inc. ( Driving radical improvement in B2B sales efficiency by eliminating 95% of the time and cost currently spent to get phone conversations between top sales reps and targeted decision makers, a difficult challenge in today’s Work From Home sales environments. In addition to providing your team with 10x the number of live conversations they are conducting today, ConnectAndSell has a suite of features that provide sales leaders with unprecedented visibility, control, and productivity in an uncertain environment.

Currently Seeking: Clients seeking significant, immediate productivity gains for their B2B sales teams transitioning to the “New Normal” - Work From Home as an adaptation to the threat of COVID-19.


  • SaaS solution that delivers sales conversations on demand – 10X faster, 86% cheaper than traditional power dialers or manual calling that delivers productivity for reps and visibility and control for managers.
  • A suite of features that enable Sales Leaders to transition their team from Office Based to Work From Home with no loss in visibility, control or productivity, including:
    • Real-time Leaderboard, which instantly quantifies how productive your reps are — whether they are working from the company office or from home.
    • A live coaching tool that enables a sales manager to listen to each of their reps’ pitches, one after another — all accessed from a single screen — and then provide verbal feedback.
    • Reports that break out exactly how much time a rep has spent being productive while using ConnectAndSell.
    • Hourly activity updates delivered directly to the sales leader’s inbox throughout the day.
    • Access to a recording of every conversation their reps have using ConnectAndSell, which can be used for quality assurance, coaching, and training purposes.
  • Instantly solves a universally recognized mission-critical problem – that it takes more than 1 man hour and 22 expensive, frustrating dial attempts to yield 1 sales conversation.
  • Focused on the vast global market of B2B employers of sales professionals; more than 12M salespeople who need 34B sales conversations enabled by 750B navigated dials annually; a $250B+ addressable market.
  • Already scaled to 50M dials per year delivering 2.3M+ sales conversations annually to customers ranging from being selected as the global standard for IBM to being the go-to-market driver for dozens of startups.
  • Veteran management team with demonstrated success in SaaS, sales technology, global operations, direct sales and strategic partnerships.


Industry: eCommerce, Bricks and Mortar Retail Sales Channels, Retail Sales Strategy and Expansion into Canada

Visionary Member: Jacob Kessler, President of The A-Listers and JK Trading Company Inc.: Helping partners to augment their merchandising footprint in e-commerce and bricks and mortar channels, and leading to higher sales.

Currently Seeking: Both companies offering B2C or B2B products; Manufacturers, brand owners, distributors, even retailers, offering B2C or B2B products.


  • Our team builds and manages storefronts on the largest e-marketplaces on the planet, such as Amazon and Walmart, Best Buy, Loblaws, Giant Tiger, and Ebay, not just across North America, but in the Middle East, Europe, and India.
  • We currently manage over 85,000+ SKUs.
  • Categories including consumables, food, cosmetics and hair products, toys, confectionary, accessories, cleaning and household, and nutritional supplements.
  • Some of the products that we manage include Mark Wahlberg, Dream Water, Clorox, Tickle Toes, Brita, Vega, Tylenol, and Disney.
  • We can speedily innovate new SKU expansion across our partners' Amazon and other e-channel businesses.
  • We also handle all advertising campaigns within these ecommerce platforms.
  • Compensation in this offering is a mixture of low fees and commission on sales.
  • We offer alternative bricks and mortar retail and merchandising channels with many vendors across Canada, in retail channels such as Canadian Tire, Giant Tiger, Healthy Planet, Penguin Pick-Up, and more.
  • And we work with some brands to enter into the Canadian marketplace, including some of Mark Wahlberg's brands and Renova (one of the top paper manufacturers in Europe).
Zoom link will be provide after registration.
January 6th, 2021 @ 2:00pm EST
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