Visionary Complimentary Seminar: Advantage Performance

July 31st, 2019 @ 4:00pm EST

Visionary Complimentary Seminar: Advantage Performance
About this event

Industry: Strategy Execution / Professional Coaching & Training 

Visionary Member: Carlos Vargas, Partner of Advantage Performance Group ( executive and corporate team training designed to effectively implement new initiatives and drive performance via discovery-based interactive workshops on topics such as Business Acumen, Sales, Leadership and Digital Transformation, with a focus on Business Impact. 

Advantage Performance helps emerging and established organizations with the people side of strategy execution and innovation by improving the alignment, mindset and capabilities of its leaders and employees. To do this we use customized experiences (based on each company’s pocket of greatness, culture, business model, speed of growth and strategy) to help organizations Define Great, Assess Great, Experience Great and ultimately Execute on the strategy.


  • Facilitates connecting the missing links between strategy and execution in many companies.
  • Helps CEO’s and senior executives get their strategy further, faster.
  • Does not help create strategy, nor does it make strategy recommendations.
  • Focus is on the execution. We believe people drive strategy, and we focus on 3 key areas for your teams: Alignment, Mindset, Capabilities.
  • Brings something to organizations that they don’t do well on their own: a forum for practice. Practice drives Performance.
  • Team-based practice within the context of our client’s business models, financial dashboard, market dynamics and difficult trade-offs is critical.
  • Solutions are co-created with our clients and get your teams focused on the few, critical high leverage behaviors needed to drive your strategy.
  • Serving F2000, medium sized business, and select ventures.
  • An award winning service:

Currently Seeking: Leaders looking to innovate in ways in which their team achieves results, faster.


NYC venue address available upon confirmed RSVP.

New York, New York
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July 31st, 2019 @ 4:00pm EST
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